Your card in client's smartphone

Bitrix24 can send loyalty card links to your clients. Your bonuses will be visible in wallet app.

Show rewards on phone screen

Your clients will always know current point balance. This will promote repeat sales.

Live point balance

The system will automatically track changes in the client's balance and notify him when it changes. This will appeal to your customers and boost repeat visits to your point of sale

nearby notifications 

If the Client is near one of your stores, for example, in a shopping center, he will receive a notification that he has a discount card

Marketing PUSH-notifications

Use an alternative channel for notifying customers through free PUSH notifications from Bitrix24 CRM

Point balance on card

Displaying the current balance of points on the customer's phone allows you to increase repeat sales. The client will always know how many points he has accumulated.


The built-in function of tracking the installation and removal of the card from the phone allows you to better configure the conversion funnel in CRM and interact with the client if he does not show sufficient activity in the loyalty system


Just a few blocks and you have created a business process for issuing cards for your clients. In fact, you can set up a rather complex process that will take into account the various nuances of your loyalty program and bonus accrual. Bonus redeem can also be configured in the business process of the deal.


Loyalty cards have the ability to send a Push notification to the customer's phone. Thus, you can easily and free of charge notify the client about marketing promotions or personal offers


The application has support for all types of digital cards: 

  • Loyalty card 
  • Club card 
  • Coupon 
  • Event ticket 
  • Transport ticket 
  • Gift card 

Both ApplePay and GooglePay formats are supported


With a 2D barcode scanner, you can easily search for a customer by card barcode. This simplifies and speeds up the search, as well as redeem on bonus cards


When used in conjunction with our application 1OS.Checkout, you can quickly search and redeem points


Place radio beacons near your points of sale and customers will be alerted within range. 

This mechanism allows you to increase repeat sales


In addition to radio beacons, you can set up geofences where a notification will also be shown on the phone lock screen


The app integrates with GoogleAnalytics web analytics tools. This allows you to customize better conversion goals and provide new opportunities for your web analyst

Setup loyalty system



Wallet technology for IOS (Apple) and Android phones allows you to save loyalty cards, coupons, boarding passes, tickets in an application on your smartphone, so that you can later present them for control in stores, cinemas, airports, hotels. 

We use Wallet technology as an alternative to traditional plastic loyalty cards to identify a customer in a store. What other advantages does the company get when issuing electronic cards using Wallet technology?

The card layout can be easily customized

You can choose the color of the background, text, headers, place a logo, additional graphic elements. But the main thing is that you can place any information fields on the card, for example, display the client's first and last name, the current discount percentage, the accumulated amount of purchases, a link to your website or mobile application, current store addresses, conditions of the loyalty program, etc.

Card layout - updatable

For example, during a sale, you can repaint a card in a bright color and update its appearance for all owners, and at the same time notify them of the update using a PUSH notification

The app supports geo-targeting

This allows you to send PUSH notifications to cardholders when they are near your store

You control the status of your loyalty card or coupon in the app

If the buyer removes it, then you will know about it. You can also monitor in real time the number of installed cards on devices and the state of the "Auto-update card" switch

Push notifications

Using a little trick, by updating the card, you can send free Push messages instead of SMS for free

As you've probably figured out by now, Wallet is a full-fledged mobile app with many useful features. But, unlike regular mobile offers, it has one important advantage - Wallet is preinstalled on any modern Apple phone (on older operating systems it is called Passbook). In addition, Wallet is a component of the rapidly developing Apple Pay technology - users add bank cards to this application.

According to statistics, mobile applications of commercial companies are installed by no more than 10% of their customers, the statistics of Wallet card installations through the Extrovert CCAA system is 29%, which is almost three times more. If you're still considering building a mobile app for your retail chain, consider these numbers!

Let's tell you more about installing the card in the phone.

The card is actually an archive that must be downloaded by the user and processed by the operating system on the phone / tablet or laptop. In order to install the card, you need to download it in one of 2 ways:

  • by clicking on the link in SMS or Email
  • by scanning the QR code

Our system, at the moment, supports sending a link to download a card via SMS or Email, as this method is the most popular among users.

After clicking on the link, the card is downloaded and opened on the phone screen. The user clicks the "Install" button and it is added to the Wallet application (owners of Android phones need to install the free WalletPasses application or analogs).

More about wallet cards

Any Wallet card has a front and back side. The front side usually contains the owner's full name, logo and barcode. Barcode can be generated using one of several encodings, we prefer to work with PDF417.

In the lower right corner of the card there is an icon (i), if you click on it, you will see the back side.

On the back of the card there is always an "Auto-update" switch, which is enabled by default, which allows us to update the layout of the cards and notify its owners about it. There is also the option "Share card" and "Remove card".

Not all business owners like the Share Card option. Indeed, it does not seem like a good opportunity when the holders of the maximum discounts can send a copy of the card to all their friends, which is likely to adversely affect the retail network's revenue. These problems can be eliminated by adding SMS authorization to the VIP client identification procedure. In this case, upon presentation of a card with a large discount percentage, an SMS code is sent to the phone that was indicated when it was issued, and only entering this code makes it possible to authorize the discount. Another possibility is to ask for a document, because on the card we display the Name and Surname. Although, in most cases, the problem of copying cards does not have serious grounds for concern, after all, it is easy to transfer a plastic card to your friends if you wish. Uncontrolled discounts pose a much greater threat when sellers are given the opportunity to find a customer in the database by name or phone number and thus set a discount. We often see this when important customers “forget” their cards, but sellers don't want to lose sales. Using Wallet and SMS authorization allows you to completely eliminate these problems.

As we have already mentioned, almost any information that the company wants to convey to its client can be displayed on the back of the card.

Wallet-based digital cards will inevitably replace their plastic counterparts, just as electric cars will 100% replace their petrol and diesel counterparts. You can only debate about the timing. This crowding out will occur faster in the premium segment, which is already characterized by a large proportion of smartphone users who have the opportunity to experience the convenience of Wallet technology with such services as, Aeroflot, Alfa Insurance, etc. We will risk making a forecast that there will be no plastic cards left by 2025.

If you are the owner of a retail business, then hurry to have time to jump on the last train.